During community catastrophes, regular and cellular phone service may be disrupted. Without availability of these services, alternate forms of communication must be relied upon.

It is critical to develop communication strategies, which includes redundant forms of communication in advance of these events. At All Over Communications, we are here to provide you with these redundant forms of communication. We offer Emergency Voice, Emergency Data and Emergency Video Solutions.

  • Portable Satellite Phones for outdoor use. These can be carried around, docked in a charging cradle inside a vehicle or indoors with an external antenna. Please see Globalstar GSP-1700
  • Fixed Mobile Satellite Phones for indoor or in-vehicle use. These ‘modems’ create a dial up tone for basic analog “bat phone” dedicated satellite phone use. They include battery back up and external antenna with variable antenna COAX length. We recommend the Globalstar GSP-2900.
  • Portable Satellite Hot Spots for indoor and outdoor use with the smartphone or tablet integration such as Globalstar Sat-Fi.
  • Portable high speed dedicated data terminals such as Cobham Explorer 510
  • Inexpensive two way satellite texting devices such as Garmin InReach + & the NEW Spot X
  • Dedicated one way GPS tracking devices that send alerts when problems arise such as the Spot Trace
  • LTE Failover Routers that integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastructure, using cloud secure access such as Cradlepoint ARC CBA 850 router.

We have assisted many government and business entities in our community by providing them with these redundant communications. Customers we have served include: City of Irvine, CAL OES, Disney Resorts, Australian Consulate General, Broadcom, The Irvine Company, The Capital Group, City of Anaheim, Alameda County, OC Sheriff, CA Department of Public Health and many more. These companies have enacted a form of Redundant Communications in their Business Continuity Plan and so should you. Call us today so we can assist you with your communication needs in your plan! Following the 2005 hurricane season, the Asian Tsunami, the earthquake in Pakistan, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, satellite communications immediately stepped in to fill the communications and command and control gap created by the devastation of the terrestrial network. The lack of operable, terrestrial communications infrastructure resulting from these disasters severely impeded command and control functions, and the disaster relief and recovery efforts of emergency personnel. Satellites remained on the job and connected emergency personnel and others. Satellites provided the basic ‘operability’ that terrestrial networks could not provide following those disasters.